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a feeling of well-being or elation

Sunday, November 4, 2007

When is an Alcoholic Considered an Alcoholic?

Lately I've been wondering what makes an alcoholic an actual alcoholic. After getting my DUI, I had to take a series of classes, including: M.A.D.D., Alchohol & Drug Awareness, etc.. The classic definition of an Alcoholic always confused me.

Use of alcoholic beverages to excess, either on individual occasions ("binge drinking") or as a regular practice.

Ok, so now we're all considered alcoholics? If I go out on the town w/ my girlfriends and get "wasted", I'm considered an alcoholic b/c I binge drank?

Or does coming home and having a 6 pack at lunch mean that you're an alcoholic?

Its all confusing to me.

I have alot of people in my life that drink...alot. But they have never been classified as an alcoholic or they have been confronted and completely deny being an alcoholic. Who am I to say who's one and who's not one? I have friends that go out on a regular basis (weekends) and have a good time and get drunk...but that doesn't mean they have to have drinks during the day? No. Probably not.

I dont know, I guess I just wanted to jot down what I was thinking and get someone elses opinion on it. B/c if someone who binge drinks is labeled an alcoholic, then we all must be alcoholics, right?

Me, I wish alcohol didn't exist. Its the devil.