Euphoria Definition Pronunciation: \yü-ˈfȯr-ē-ə\ Function: noun Date: circa 1751
a feeling of well-being or elation

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I know its been a verrry long time since I've posted anything, but better late than never - right?

As I sit here on Christmas Eve, after putting my new baby girl to sleep...I am thinking about how much I have to be grateful for this year. I received the BEST early Christmas gift this year. A 6 lb, 14 oz - 20.25 inch - little bugger! She arrived to us on November 17th at 2:55 a.m., her name is Lucy Patricia and she is the light of our lives. We are SO unbelievably blessed with such a beautiful tiny little girl.

Here's how it went down.....I had been having contractions, although far apart, for about a week. We ended up making the long trek to the hospital from our house in Laveen on Friday, the 14th of November. I was in SO much pain that I thought this was FOR SURE the time. I didn't care how far apart my contractions are, my back and legs and head and....(you get the picture) were KILLING ME. We loaded the car with all 5 of our bags (yes, I thought we were going to Hawaii) and off we went. 7 long hours later, we were discharged from the triage. Sigh. They gave me tylenol and sent me home. I was SO mad.

So, I attempted to get some sleep that earrrrly morning when we arrived home at 7 a.m. - but slept here and there for 5 minutes at a time. Poor Wade would wake up with me at every contraction to help me through it. What a guy!

As we awoke that afternoon, I tried SO hard to get the house in order for when we actually went to the hospital and had this baby - as I had visitors (mom and ellie, my sister) coming that next week and the house was a MESS! So as I waddled around the house doing laundry, mopping, etc... I tried to get the pain out of my head.

I made it through the rest of Saturday and into Sunday (barely walking) and decided enough was enough - "Wade. get your sh*t, we are having this baby...TODAY." He said to me "Ok hon, but this better be it, I'm not making this drive again!" (hehe!) ....around 6 p.m. November 16th, we arrived at the hospital (yet again) they checked us in, did the exam and POW! I was 4 cms and moving fast! They wheeled me from the triage to a labor room and started the IV. My first thoughts were " this really happening???" Yep! It was happening and FAST.

An hour later, after the injection of the pain meds...I had dilated to 7 cms! As soon as the nurse said "get some rest, you're in for a long night" (pssh!) My blood pressure dropped to a dangerous level and baby's heart rate was dropping even faster....the dr's and nurse's rushed in as fast as Wade drives his far down the I10. In a flash, they got everything back to normal as Wade and I were TERRIFIED. I was in complete shock....shaking like a leaf.

30 mins later, I was at 10 cm's +. (the + sign means I need to push, this baby is coming) - 30 minutes and 4 sets of pushes, Lucy Patricia was here!

I'll spare all the juicy details and tell you that we were both so anxious to hold our baby girl that it was almost scary! They had to rush her over to the nurses station because of some issues they had once she came out, but she was as healthy as can be! About 5 minutes later, they brought her over to us and I just melted! She was the most perfect, beautiful little angel I had ever seen. I could not believe that had just happened. As I sit and remember Wade's look on his face when he held her for the first time - I've never seen anyone so overwhelmed with joy, that alone melted my heart. We were blessed!

As I sit here a month + from that day, it all seems like a blurrr...however, still brings a tear to my eye. She is still as beautiful and healthy as the day she was handed to me.

Wade and I are learning this mommy and daddy thing day by day. Its scary, fun, nerve-racking, exhausting but most of all, the most rewarding thing I have ever done. My mom was right, it IS the best job I will ever have. She gave me the tools growing up to become the mom she was to me and for that, I am ever so grateful.

I hope each and everyone of you gets to experience this feeling. Everyone was right when they told me this would change my life forever. I get to wake up to a smiling, blue eyed beauty everyday! And she's mine!

To you and yours, Merry Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Cheers!