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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend

There's nothing more interesting than: Entertaining 35+ people while being pregnant. This weekend we had the Logue-Coplen's over (Wade's immediate family) over for a Memorial Pool Bash. It was a great time, but MAN is it hard to entertain people, or at least be a host. My Mom/Dad - Aunts/Uncles always made it look SO easy growing up!! I don't know if it was because I was pregnant or what, but by 4 p.m. I was EXHAUSTED! But the tiredness was all worth it because fun was had by all! (Or at least I hope!)

I am always so bad at taking pictures of food, but there was some AMAZING food including; Ribs, Steaks, Salads, Rices and the most amazing dessert that Wade's Dad and Sister had made. The Party wouldn't of been possibly without those two! Granted I didn't really get to eat b/c I was busy making sure everything was put out, picked up and everybody had enough - I'm looking forward to some left overs today!

We had SO many babies in our presence yesterday including Wade's friend Ryan's baby Hailey - Wade's friend Larry's baby (and forgive me b/c at the moment I can't remember this little cutie's name - I will blame it on the pregnancy b/c I seem to be forgetting EVERYTHING these days), Wade's nephews Tillman & Caleb. MAN! They were precious and it's so fun to see Wade with all the babies b/c he is the definition of baby crazy. He's going to be a GREAT father. All the babies were just under 1 yr and one, Tillman, just over a year old. SO CUTE!

My biggest baby of all, Wade - is pretty beat up today - from head to toe. Thinking it was a fantastic idea to jump into the pool from our roof - he biffed it before he even reached the roof and tore up his leg. I think there may be a finger that is broken too, but I'm not quite sure what the story was there.

Thanks to everyone who helped made this day a GREAT day - I had so much fun!

Til next year!

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