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Friday, March 4, 2011

A Recommendation For New MaMa's

I just heard a blurp on the radio about new babies & strollers and it was SO right on I had to post something about it.

I was so concerned when I first started to shop for Lucy while I was pregnant that I HAD TO HAVE a huge, chunky, travel system stroller. (You know, the one that the infant carseat fits into?)
Hunk of Junk. Waste of Money. It's in the trash now.

My first mistake: I didn't do my research.
My second mistake: I bought a 'Baby Trend' stroller (hunk-o-junk)
My third mistake: I didn't keep the jogging stroller my in-laws got me (FAIL)

What I'm recommending to the new mommies - soon to be new mommies -  is...don't waste your money on that beautiful carseat-stroller combo that you've been eyeing in 'babies r us'
Get a practical, cheap, umbrella stroller.

Our best buy:

If you must buy that overly priced travel system, go with:

(the above travel system got the best reviews)

Chicco Cortina Travel System Stroller - Sahara - Chicco  - Babies"R"Us

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