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Friday, August 19, 2011

How To Display Your Kids (MANY, MANY) Art Projects

I have a crafty child that brings home LOTS of art work from "school". Mostly these go on the fridge until my sweet cheeks decides to take said art work off the fridge and de-sticker the art work - or - rip it to pieces - whatever the case may be. 
So these art pieces have been ending up in a designated bin in our spare room. Boring. 

I need a solution. An art-work solution. A way to display these CUTE pieces of work. 

Yep. Let's string it! 

I also found some adorable clothespins on Etsy (my go-to job for every idea) 

Can't wait to display her art work. She really is that talented but I'm biased. 

Pins can be found HERE

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