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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Facing Reality:Choice

If anyone knows me closely, knows I am 110% completely AGAINST abortion.

Its not that I hate or despise people that have gone through an abortion, it's just that I do NOT agree with it.

Fox news is airing a special tonight, October 27th, called Facing Reality: Choice. It follows six different individuals through having an abortion, wanting a child, and a doctor that performs them.

I encourage everyone to watch this and learn. Everyone knows my opinion on this topic, so I won't go into a debate on why I think abortion is murder, but to have everyone see for themselves as to what people go through when they have abortions or having to make a decision to have an abortion b/c it doesn't fit into their ultimate plan of their lives.

If you don't watch it tonight, please google the documentary and watch it at a later date. I think everyone needs to be informed on this issue.

Until next time......

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Coplen's said...

Jules I agree! I will watch it tonight!