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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dozens of Arizona Bills Signed

An Article I skipped upon this morning which I thought was interesting for you people of Arizona who read my blog (if there is anyone that reads my blog)

Take a look:

• House Bill 2069: Allows a county Board of Supervisors to cancel an election for a school district governing board, community college district board, precinct committeemen or a special taxing district if the number of candidates is less than or equal to the number of open positions. The board can appoint those people to the positions. It also allows the county board to consolidate election precincts.

• House Bill 2145: Clarifies that a county planning and zoning commission is only required to hold a regular monthly meeting if there is new official business to transact.

• House Bill 2195: Requires the Arizona State Lottery Commission to create special instant-ticket games charities could use to raise money. Up to 15 percent of the revenue from the games could go to the state and 20 percent of the cost of each ticket sold would go to the charity.

• House Bill 2209: Requires all cities and towns to post public meeting notices either on their own Web site or on a Web site of an association of cities and towns.

• House Bill 2242: Creates new regulations for reverse mortgages.

• House Bill 2350: Gives qualifying Purple Heart recipients a tuition waiver to community colleges or universities in Arizona. To be eligible, a service member must be stationed in or be a resident of Arizona when injured. They also have a disability rating of 50 percent or more.

• House Bill 2601: Gives all Arizona Eagle Scouts or Girl Scouts who have received the Gold Award the ability to get a discounted Youth Class F combination hunting and fishing license from the state.

• House Bill 2684: Requires the POW/MIA flag to be flown along with the U.S. flag at the state Capitol, the building that serves as the location of the superior court in each Arizona county, each Arizona city or town hall and each county's main administrative building.

• Senate Bill 1005: Gives tax exemption to trap and skeet shooting clubs that provide shooting training and hold competitions, as long as the property and buildings are used for educational purposes and not used or held for profit.

• Senate Bill 1009: Requires a criminal charge brought against a juvenile to be based on the age of the juvenile at the time the offense was committed, and not the age when the charge was filed.
• Senate Bill 1029: Prohibits a law-enforcement officer from being subject to disciplinary action if there is no just cause.

• Senate Bill 1181: Establishes an Autism Spectrum Disorder Task Force to review and make recommendation regarding services provided to individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

• Senate Bill 1304: Requires a hospital or facility where abortions are performed to submit to the state information on each abortion performed. The report would not identify patients by name but would include the woman's educational background, race, marital status and the reason for the abortion. Facilities also must document information about women seeking care because of a complication from an abortion.

• Senate Bill 1314: Makes it a state public policy that, absent any evidence to the contrary, it is in a child's best interest to have frequent and meaningful time with both parents in a divorce situation and to have both parents participate in decision-making.

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Any comments on the above bills, feel free to leave them! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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