Euphoria Definition Pronunciation: \yü-ˈfȯr-ē-ə\ Function: noun Date: circa 1751
a feeling of well-being or elation

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


She's doing an amazingly awesome "Blogmania" giveaway over at her blog.

Check it out! Your chance to win $250+ worth of party planning goodies is just a click away!! Plus, her blog is a GREAT time waster. I, one day, spent about 2 hours on her blog. (such a slacker, aren't I?)

Some of her sponsors for the giveaway include: Two Savvy Sisters, her very own 'Texas Monkey Boutique', Crazy for Tutus, Letter Block Shop and much much more!

Enjoy & Good LUCK!

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Texas Monkey, THANKS for this awesome giveaway! You ROCK!

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