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a feeling of well-being or elation

Friday, September 28, 2007

Great Way To End My Week

Its Friday, finally! However, my week doesn't end here, tomorrow I go to "Traffic Survival School", on a Saturday. How long, you ask? 3 hrs? No. 5 hrs? No. Yes folks, 8 whole long hours on my Saturday off. Lovely eh?

On a side note, I made a big mistake tonight, I won't go into specifics, but just know that I've hurt someone's feelings.

Let me give you an idea of what my week consisted of: Monday, Wednesday, Friday--I work not one, but two jobs--So roughly 12 hours a day on Mon, Wed, & Fri's. I really have no problem working, however--It makes me crabby. (Which runs in the family) Today when I was waiting for my day to be over (had to stay late because someone was in the office); I was getting REALLY frustrated with my life. How I got to this point as to where I have to work two jobs, two jobs that I hate--while other people are out having a good time, partying it up--Julie's stuck working. Now, I know what you're thinking..."I brought this upon myself", "its your debt", "everyone else has to work 2nd jobs to make ends meet", "its only 12 hours"-and so on...Well, so what! I'm bitter! I can't stand to work two jobs, no one should have to!

So at any rate, I took my bad mood out on someone who I love dearly. Its something that us "Harmsen-Pivecs" do. We are all selfish. And if my sisters are reading this, they will know that I'm right (like always). Its something that I've been wanting to work on for some time now. I just get really frustrated when things don't go my way, and for that I want to apologize to you.

That being said, I have these lyrics explain my feelings (as cheesy as it may sound) :)

I was dreaming of the past and my heart was beating fast I began to lose control I began to lose control I didnt mean to hurt you I'm sorry that I made you cry I didnt want to hurt you I'm just a jealous guy.I was feeling insecure You might not love me anymore I was shivering inside I was shivering inside I didnt mean to hurt you I'm sorry that I made you cry I didnt want to hurt you I'm just a jealous guy(whistle) I was trying to catch your eye Thought the you was trying to hide I was swallowing my painI was swallowing my painI didnt mean to hurt youI'm sorry that I made you cry I didnt want to hurt youI'm just a jealous guywatchout im justa jealous guylookout babe im just a jealous guy

Hope everyone has a swell weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Who were you referring too? Sounds like you really love him....but I am sure you dont cuuz you smell.