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a feeling of well-being or elation

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Hey everyone! I think I have become totally addicted to blogging...well not really, but kinda. I've told endless people about my page and I'm excited for you guys to read it!

Nothing really going on today, slept in til a mere 9 am. (thats late for this chick), had an interview with a Broker--which in my opinion was REALLY a strange interview. Not that I really needed to "nail" this interview, but I just kinda went to see what they had to offer me. (which wasn't a whole lot). Also went to Discount Tires to get a tire patched up--yes, I ended my shitty week with a flat tire last night, only to find out the tire had a nail AND a staple in it, so they couldn't revive the tire by "patch work". Boo. Another $120 down the drain. Wandered over to Bashas (for all you Minnesotans, thats a grocery store kinda comparable to hmm...Lunds?) grabbed some water, beer, cheap cheap champagne (yea, thanks Amy, you turned me onto the delicious champs) cat/kitten food--b/c we have HUNGRY cats and even more hungry Kittens (yes, we have four kittens for free if anyone wants one! They are super cute!) and four 59 cent candles to put in my candle holders (yes, def not needed, but my house smells and they were only 59 cents--how could I pass that up?) That pretty much sums up my day thus far.

We're having the Coplens' over tonight--BYO--everything. (BYO--bring your own) This is the best part of having people over when, 1) you dont have any money 2) you're hungry. You designate everyone to bring something and tada! No going hungry for the rest of the weekend! :P Just kidding Coplens...Its always nice to have y'all over. Another thing I'm about to explain.....The Coplens.

Oh where to begin? The Coplens (slash Logues) are my boyfriend of five lovely years, family. They are probably the most hilarious group of individuals you will ever meet. There's Audrey--she's the oldest, and she has the laugh that you will always remember--the plus side of her, is that she will laugh at ANYTHING. Thats why I love her. (plus she does give a good hair cut!) Then there's Mary, Mary is the girl version of Wade. I've gotten to know Mary alittle better this past year and man is that girl FUNNY! She'll pull something out of her ass (not literally) out of no where and make a dark room fill up. I'm looking forward to getting to know her better. Then there's Randy Jr. --He has a wife named Heidi who has been a sort of adopted sister down here in AZ since I started dating Wade. Randy and Heidi are probably the closest thing to a perfect match. Randy stands 6' feet something (tall--very tall) and is like a huge teddy bear. He's probably one of the nicest Coplens' there is. (Not saying that the rest of y'all aren't nice) I just think he is the most kind-hearted man I've ever met--and wouldn't hurt a fly--kinda funny how he's in the Army. :) Then there's Clarice--This girl is the most original of the 6. She reminds me of MY younger sister, Jenna. Clarice and I didn't get off on the right foot to begin with, actually I think she may have hated me. But all that has changed, she's grown up to be a beautiful person and an even more beautiful Mother. She has a daugher, Vivianne, that I consider to be my own niece. Clarice is expecting another baby in October and we are all so excited to meet him! She is always such a joy to have around--and her fiance Cliff aint' so bad either! ;) Oh boy, that brings us to Will. If any of you have ever met Will--need I explain more? The name itself explains it all. Whats that saying? Where there's a Will, there's a way? hahaha....Thats so true. He's the youngest of the 6 and he is a crack up! I think that one day he will be on stage--whether dancing ballet or as a comedian, he will make a living out of entertaining people. He's just that good.

I have truly been blessed with such a great family to have in my life and I thank god everyday for each and everyone of them. They are probably the closest I will come to my family down here in Arizona.

So! This is what I have to look forward to for tonight, and I'm excited!!


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