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Friday, September 21, 2007

This is my life

Well. Its about time I've started a blog. I guess you could say I've been "scared" to take a jab at this whole blogging society thingamajigg. So today's the day I endeavor into the unknown world of blogging....psshh! (thats me laughing at myself).

So, where to begin? As you can read from my ever so detailed "about me" section to your right, I'm from God's Country, (also known as Minneapolis, MN) and man do I miss it everyday! I come from a long line of family members, which are known as the Pivecs & the Harmsens--two last names I'm very proud to call my own. (Pivec alittle more than the Harmsen's--sorry dad)
Moving on....The Pivecs and The Harmsens---I was born March 12th 1980, Mom-Patty(55), Dad-Butch(56), Sister-Ellie(29), Sister-Jenna(22). Grew up on good ol' Queen Avenue in Southwest Minneapolis, attended Armatage, Lyndale, Southwest---brief stay at Academy of the Holy Angels--then graduated successfully from Mpls Southwest, Home of the Lakers.....blah blah blah I ended up here-in AZ is a mystery to me. In June of 2001, one of my "late" best friends (late=not a friend anymore), asked if I wanted to go to Arizona to see her boyfriend..."Sure! Why the hell not", I said. One thing led to the other and before I knew it, I recruited my best friend and cousin Molly to move along with us (if any of you know Mols, she's up for anything!). September 13th, 2001, my Dad and I were on the road to nowhere, aka the desert.
Talk about change of scenery!!!! Holy Shit, what the hell did I get myself into!!?!?!?! No large bodies of water, mountains everywhere, DIRT, and its 118 degrees in September!! WTF!?!
That day that my father had left me in my first apartment, in a different go home, was the sadest day of my life. I've never felt so alone in my entire life than in that moment.
Later to find out, my dad sat outside of my apartment called my Mother in tears saying, "I can't leave my baby girl down here!" --Brings tears to my eyes.

So anywho, That eight months that I lived with Molly and Jenny was the most OUTRAGIOUS roommate situation I've ever been in. Molly and I get along just great--always have and always will (we're family, there's no way we're not ever speaking again) :) To begin, can I just say that we thought we were on vacation for the first 4 weeks after moving down here, so our day consisted of: Wake up around 10 a.m., eat some breakfast, watch TLC's A Baby Story, watch TLC's A Wedding Story, get on bathing suits-head to the pool, 3 hours later--come in, take nap, wake up, get ready, eat, go out on the town. And keep in mind, we didn't pause for a night or two, it was the same routine, over and over and over and over......until we ran out of money. Boy was that a sad day. So, we all found jobs (boo!) and it started to feel like we actually were NOT on vacation. :(

Long story short, 6 yrs later---here I am. Molly married, Jenny married--both in MN. I must say, I'm very proud of myself, however---there's alot in between 2001 and now that I'll share with you in my blogs. Some interesting, some boring, some exciting, some I probably shouldn't tell you and some that will touch your heart.

Til next time my friends!



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