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a feeling of well-being or elation

Monday, November 9, 2009

I Am So Unbelievably Blessed!

Although very exhausted and drained - I received a wonderful weekend thanks to a couple special people.

Wade and his uncle (best friend) Tim decided it was a good weekend to take a trip outside the valley and take a look at some land that his grandfather has in Dolan Springs, AZ. This left me with my cute, precious, amazing daughter, Lucy and I to get into some "trouble". HA! How much trouble can you possibly get into with an almost 1 year old? With Lucy's birthday coming up in a week (birthday party in less than a week), we had lots of errands to run to get ready for next weekend - party favors, plates, napkins, utensils, etc etc etc.....I have to say, Lucy was quite the shopping partner (as she grabbed mommies boobs and hugged me in the shopping cart!) I can't ask for much more in a daughter. My life-long shopping partner!

The second person I have to thank for my wonderful weekend is an old (p.s. NOT old in age, I repeat, NOT old in age - we are totally young still) long-lost friend, Jenny.

Its truly amazing how time doesn't matter when it comes to an old friend - regardless of the way you guys stopped talking (or as I like to look at it "a break") - it's like you picked up right where you left off. We've grown up in so many ways. We are both truly amazing people and I am proud of us. It was so good to see her, it was almost like a slice of home and I thank her for that.

So to Lucy and Jenny - Thank you for my awesome weekend! I'm truly a lucky girl!

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