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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bank of Amercia to Rule The World???

I'd have to start this blog off by saying, HOW HAPPY I AM to see Countrywide Home "Loans" go up into flames. Many of you who know me know actually why I say that, you others that don't know the whole story behind me and my days at Countrywide, well - tough. But lets just say it was unpleasant and how much of a joy this is for me to see.

Friday was a huge annoucement that Countrywide had imploded and Bank of America would be buying them out. (Buying them out = BANKRUPT!). This wasn't quite the surprise for me, or for anyone in the mortgage business, the BIG surprise was that it was being sold for a mere $4 Billion!!!!

In 2006, we funded $4 billion in ONE month!!! HA! I'm so happy to see them suffer!!

Here's a good news article to read in regards to the "buyout / bankruptcy".

Two words for my old employer: GOOD RIDDENCE! Now, go eff yourself. :) CONGRATS Bank of America!!


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