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Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Presidential Candidate - So Far.

Found an excellent website to compare and contrast our democratic and republican candidates for the 2008 elections. Go to:

I decided this would be a good weekend to read up on my candidates and to share this link to my family and friends to (hopefully) get them into the elections rather than wasting your time on your American Idol candidates (laugh laugh) ;) .

Since this is my blog and as my mother said to me the other day "I love that you're so passionate about your beliefs - but watch what you say", I'll tell you where I stand with this years candidates and why:

Mitt Romney (Ex-Gov.) ; Not only was he born on March 12, which happens to be my birthday...but he stands almost dead on on a lot of issues that I believe are important.

  • Stem Cell Research - Against. He believes existing cell lines and adult stem cells have just the same scientific promises.
  • Abortion - Pro-Life.
  • Health Care - Health Insurance available to all Americans, not through our government - but through market reform.
  • Immigration Reform.

I have some more reading to do for both parties and I'll update you all with my views.

P.S. Don't watch too much American Idol, it may rot your brain ;) I kid I kid.

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