Euphoria Definition Pronunciation: \yü-ˈfȯr-ē-ə\ Function: noun Date: circa 1751
a feeling of well-being or elation

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Received An Applause Today

Yep, in Starbucks. It has been a LONG three weeks since I've had a Iced Venti light-ice, no whip White Mocha and today - I broke through. My local Starbucks staff was in aw that I hadn't been there in over three weeks, that they gave me a round of applause. How pathetic.

I quit caffeine all together on a Doctors recommendation of "I need you to quit drinking caffeine, its ok every once in a while, but NOT everyday, this will worsen your condition".

Blah. I love my coffee. No --- I'm infatuated with my coffee.

Do you think Starbucks enhances their coffee with some sort of drug, that all we can do if we don't drink it, is think about it? I do. Some sort of coffee crack or something. I can taste it right now. There's nothing quite like the creamy, bitterly-sweet combination streaming down your throat in the early morning hours. YUM! GOOSEBUMPS!!

Now hurry, rush to your nearest Starbucks, that I know is a block away and pick up a cup of joy.



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