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Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Sunday Night Show

I'm usually not one for new shows - I like to stick to the basics, my usual, no changes.

Never have been good at changes...

Cashmere Mafia is on right after Deperate Housewives (Anyone know what happened to Brothers & Sisters?). Its a Sex in the City Clone.....Or pretty much darn near close. Four older women, different hair colors, significant others - who manage to meet for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just for drinks once a week..... Sounds pretty familiar doesn't it? Featuring Lucy Lui as Mia , plays a career driven (love it), sextrist vamp who just got engaged to her close co-worker (thats all I've gotten so far in the pilot - still have about a half hour left).

Full of scandels, affairs, EXCELLENT fashion - this is the filling of the void we've had since SITC left us. HOORAY!!

On ABC Sunday nights at 9 p.m. - Check your local listings!


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