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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Difference Between "Westsiders" & "East Valley" Girls

I've only lived in Phoenix, AZ for 9 years - 10 years in September. I've just recently noticed the difference between the so-called "westsiders" (peoria, glendale, surprise, etc) and the "east valley" (chandler, tempe, scottsdale, etc) girls.

I had a girl say to me a work today, "Silly girl, why are you wearing heels on a Friday?" Ummmm.......My response: "I don't feel complete without heels." That is what made me think of this blog post.

Westsiders are in a catagory of their own. I want to apologize in advance for placing stereotypes on these girls that I dearly love - because come to think of it - most of my GOOD friends are from the Westside. (however, they don't apply to said catagory)

Westsiders appearal on Fridays:
Sneakers or flip flops (which I don't have anything against the latter - b/c you will see me in flops on occasion on a Friday at work)
Sweatshirts or a cute (but not very fashionable) shirt. Something I might lounge around in on a Saturday at home
Hair up in a pony-tail

East Valley appearal on Fridays:
Designer tops
Hair done as it would be on any other day of the week
a full face of make up (natural of course for work)

I'm not saying that ALL "Westsiders" adhere to this, but most of them do. Please stop asking why I'm wearing heels on a Friday ever again. I like heels and I like to feel like a girl - a woman.

Thats my rant for the day.

Happy Friday - please make yourself look decent and not too relaxed - I know it's Friday, but always dress to impress.


♥ J said...

So true. Always dress to impress and never wear jeans to work, sans heels!

I follow the etiquette rule of thumb for "Casual Fridays": only get as casual as your boss.

I am not allowed to wear jeans to work. =(

JennMarie said...

hahaha!!! I never thought of that before but you are so right! Granted today I went around looking so so, I usually would wear the exact same thing (heels, jeans, etc) to work on Fridays. Now that I am off on Friday's it's flip flops, jeans, cute top for running errands.