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Friday, February 26, 2010

A New Adventure

hCG Diet. Ever heard of it?

I'm trying it. Starting Monday.

I've gotten mixed reviews from people about the diet and when explaining this diet to people they kinda go "huh? Well that doesn't sound healthy."

I've done hours and hours of research on this diet - asked my family doctor (who provided me with this wonder diet) countless numbers of questions in the past week. I've talked to my dear Wade on the pros and cons of what this diet will be like for me in the next 30 days (ie, no drinking alcohol, no sweet potato fries for dinner, who more espresso in the morning, etc.) and you know what? I've decided to go for it.

Here's how it works:

The hCG comes in the form of either injections (that you administer yourself - yuck) or drops. My doctor only provides the drops - which is fine by me. It comes with a diet plan, supplements and physicals on the 7th day, 14th day and the 21st day - followed by a FINAL 30 day physical.

I paid $399 for this. But lucky for me, I didn't pay it out of pocket per say - I paid with it through my Flexible Spending Account - you know, the money you have taken out of your check every month for "health care expenses" - I'm assuming this is a health care expense because it went through with no problem. Yes yes, I know - it's expensive.

Step by Step instructions:

Day 1-27 From day 1-27, twice per day, very carefully drop exactly 4 drops of the HCG solution under your tongue and let it sit there for a least 1 minute.

CRUCIAL: Starting on Day 1 and Day 2 of taking HCG

One day 1 and day 2 of taking hCG, you MUST eat regular full meals. This means you can eat whatever you want during these two days. The amount of hunger you feel and how tired you feel the first week or two may be worse if you don't. (eek)

Day 3- Day 27:

This is a 500 Calorie per day meal plan. You must adhere to this calorie limit to achieve the weight loss results you desire (ie 30 lbs in 30 days)

The hormone balance that you may undergo with the hCG will direct your body to make up fort he low calorie intake by specifically burning the calories you need from your own fat (I have tons of that)

Day 28, 29, and Day 30:

Stop taking the hCG (continue taking the supplements). Continue the 500 calorie per day meal plan the same exact way you have done until now. This is very essential part of the program that gets all traces of the hCG out of your system before you resume a normal diet. If you do not continue the 500 calorie per day meal plan for the three (3) days after you stop taking hCG, you may put on weight.

Here's the diet plan:

Tea or coffee (no cream/sugar/etc - just black coffee)
No food

100 grams of protein, low fat veal or beef, chicken breast, lobster, shrimp, crab or fresh whitefish
One type of vegetable only, to be chosen from the following list: spinach, celery, cucumber, green lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, fennel, red radishes, chard, chicory, beet-greens, onion, asparagus.
One type of fruit from the following list: Apple, Orange, One Half Grapefruit, strawberries (one handful)
One slice of Melba toast or 4 Melba toast crackers.
fruit or toast maybe eaten between meals


One Lemon daily (oh joy)
NO oil, butter or dressing.

Water, Tea, coffee or mineral water ONLY.

*info courtesy of North Scottsdale Family Medical Center - 480-419-9924

I'm starting this diet out at (dare I say it) 152 lbs. You have the potential to lose 30 lbs in these 30 days.

I will be blogging my progress - gripes, joys, annoyances and hunger pains along the way.....stay tuned.

Pictures to follow!!!

Wish me luck!!!

p.s. if you happen to be in the Scottsdale area and call North Scottsdale Family Medicine - please tell them I referred you! They will be very happy!!!

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