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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day.

(Photo is of Chicago on St. Patricks Day - so pretty)

I'm a bad mom. I didn't dress the little Irish girl named Lucy Patricia in green today. Nor did I wear green. I had no desire - plus my mom bought me this CUTE dress from H and M this weekend that I wanted to wear with these new shoes from

My Grandma Pat (Pivec - maiden name: Dickey) would not be happy. Sorry Grandma!!!

I remember when I was in jr high and my friend Jenny and I would be decked out in green. We'd probably steal a beer to share from our parents...and maybe a cigerette or two (that I did not inhale). We'd probably listen to something ridiculous like House of Pain and be 110% Irish for the day. Ahhh, those were the days.

I promise to be more prepared next year when sending Lu to school on this fabulous holiday. I do have an excuse though, it was picture day today. God Bless those teachers at school today for attempting to get all these infant-toddler terrors to sit and pose in perfect position. I don't wish to be them today.

Happy St. Patricks Day today and everyday! Hope you're wearing green!!!

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♥ J said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day Jules! I always think of you on this holiday...and the fun times we had celebrating it! Hope your Irish eyes are smilin'!