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a feeling of well-being or elation

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Lucy

Dear Lucy,

Mommy lost your favorite (my favorite) blankie yesterday on our nice stroll home from day care. I didn't realize it until we reached home and there was no blankie in your stroller. I cried. You had no idea.

We strolled through the neighborhood, tracing our steps we just took home - no blanket. A call to the day care to see if they had found it - no blanket. I cried. You had no idea.

We got home (me, still crying), fixed you dinner which consisted of PB & J, tomatoes and Green Beans mixed with Cottage Cheese (you're favorite these days) - Still crying. No still have no idea.

Bath time, PJ's on...Daddy gets home. I got to hug daddy before you did tonight because let's face it, you weren't as sad as I was.

THEN came bed time.....first five minutes you were ok - I gave you my baby blanket that I had as a kid (not the same, but I suppose it'll do). 10 minutes later - the crying began. Your Dad says it's just cause you weren't tired, but I know deep down it's because you didn't have your blankie. I'm so sorry that you cried for 30 minutes. I didn't mean to lose your night time buddy.

I hope you can forgive me. I love you and am grateful that I didn't lose you.

We have three people making you new blankets as I type this, because that's how many people love you.

I love you my little Lu - you are my world.

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