Euphoria Definition Pronunciation: \yü-ˈfȯr-ē-ə\ Function: noun Date: circa 1751
a feeling of well-being or elation

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beautiful Things

One of the most amazing feelings in the whole entire world is waking up next to a smiling baby.
My little Lucy decided she didnt' want to sleep early (4 a.m.) this morning, so I grabbed her, gave her a bottle, put her in between Wade and I and fell asleep once my head hit the pillow (as did she).
6:15 a.m. rolls around (way past the time I usually get up) and I have this beautiful angel sitting up next to me, head rested on my belly.

I just absolutely love mornings like this. It makes for a great day, even though I woke up 45 minutes late.

Thank you Miss Lucy Pat.


"Pour Out" Photo By Mindy

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