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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Ring of Fire.

No, not the Johnny Cash song. This is another 'ring of fire' also known as, ring of death, Red Ring, Red Light, Three Red Lights. Well this 'ring of fire' appeared this early morning out from no where. This little virus we call the ring of death, is not a disease, not a fire warning - but a sad sad dreadful light that we all wish wouldn't appear on your xbox 360.

My boyfriend, Wade, is a stay at home Dad. His Xbox, along with his computer, is his life. Ok ok, its my life too because we watch netflix instant movies on it, regular DVD's on it and it also have fun female friendly games that I occasionally like to play.

As I was feeding our annoying cats this morning, I noticed this red light blinking out of the corner of my eye. That's never a good way to wake up my dear one. I turned off the xbox, got the baby her bottle, headed into our room and delivered the bad news. Good thing it was still 6 a.m. and Wade was still half asleep - because I said "Honey, I think you got the 'ring of fire' on your xbox" and he quietly rolled over and said "I turned it off last night" - - - I pause..."huh?" So I go on my merry way - doing my morning routine.

Finally Wader rolls out of bed, turns the xbox on....and guess what! GREEN LIGHT!!!

So for this Friday morning, I want to Thank the Xbox Gods for saving my morning. Not only did you save a grown man from crying his eyes out, but you also saved me, the mother, $500 on a new system.

Happy Friday!!


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