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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fisher Price Soothe - Bouncer - A.K.A A God Send.

Ever since we brought my now 8 month old daughter home from the hospital, she's always had trouble falling asleep. (Yes, I know what you're thinking, why don't you just let her "cry it out" and learn how to self soothe?) My answer to that is, she doesn't have a problem self soothing, she just likes motion - which doctors say is due to the constant motion of the Mother while baby is developing in the womb. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm always on the go...Up early, running errands, cleaning, etc. So for now, I blame her restlessness on me.

I was so grateful to have had three showers when I was pregnant. I received so many wonderful gifts but I never got a "bouncy" seat. So after a week of having Lucy home, I rushed to Target and got a Fisher Price Soothe Bouncer. And now I want to thank my heavenly Father for such a magical invention.


The thing we like most about this seat is that you can be sitting on the couch, chair or kitchen table - plop that thing down, set baby in the chair put foot on medal leg and PRESTO! Start bouncing with your foot!

Lucy is usually asleep within 5 minutes from the time I start bouncing her. And as I type this blog, I'm bouncing her to sleep.

If you have a shower coming up and want to give something that will be used for the first year (over and over and over again), GET THIS. Not only it is affordable, the Mother - to - be will thank you over and over again.

Fisher Price Soothe Bouncer - Target - $26.99

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