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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Are You A Canadian Looking To Buy US Real Estate?

Are you a Canadian resident looking to buy Real Estate in the U.S.? NOW IS THE TIME!
Phoenix, Arizona has always been one of the strongest markets in North America and has attracted 'snowbirds' and investors alike. There has never been a better time for Canadians to buy Arizona real estate.

Why Arizona? Many Canadian residents are drawn to Arizona because they are impressed with the minimal property taxes. While some other states such as California and Florida penalize investors and/or second home buyers by adding additional property taxes. Arizona does not. Arizona Property taxes run about 1.2% of the assessed value of a home (i.e. a $150,000 assessed home is around $150 per month)

Financing for Canadian citizens is extremely easy!!! Documentation needed for a U.S. mortgage approval is as follows:

Copy of Passport
Verification of funds needed to close
No Credit Report needed
No income verification requirement
(*subject to additional information*)

Hurry and take advantage of this great market!!!

To view current Arizona foreclosure listings not yet on the market click here!

Info courtesy of MVP Realty Team, Mark McIntyre

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